Easily create processes that guide your employees through any SAAS web application.

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Bringing personal and professional flow to your SAAS applications
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Chrome Extension

This allows your processes to be available quickly and easily in the context that you work…right in your browser.

Go to SAAS markup

SAAS markup

Markup any SAAS application to make those complicated business applications easy and intuitive.

Go to Processes connecting multiple SAAS applications

Processes connecting multiple SAAS applications

Build a process that guides your employees through multiple distinct SAAS applications.

Go to AutoFill Forms – Not yet implemented

AutoFill Forms – Not yet implemented

Add data connections to speed up your repetitive data entry.

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I, Daniel Morris, started working on PROSAAS in 2016 while I was traveling around Central America. Since then, I got married, had kids, needed money and have not had as much time as I would like to work on PROSAAS. That said through slow and steady work, I am finally ready to put this out as a BETA release. If all goes well then we make this public soon.

I ame excited to move forward with an application that I believe could revolutionize your companies processes. If your are interested in being part of the BETA program please send a message to me below.

What I need from you is to show interest. If I get enough interest in this product then I will continue development. If I do not then the project will probably die.

Request BETA invite!

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